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updated 2018-02-26 (This site is under construction.)
Dauerausstellung: Baustelle über Winter 2017/2018Our permanent exhibition is a little outdated after the long time of its existence. As from mid-September 2017 it will be removed. We will renew it during wintertime and expect to present the new exhibition to you with the beginning of the new season in May 2018. This will also be the starting signal for the new "face" of our website - everything is new in May.

We haven't got a foto yet - just wait for a surprise!

Current events:

Our homepage is currently updated. You will find our new programme here as soon as the new website is online.
Downloads - annual programme 2017 (German):
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TEU-Flaggehe nature centers are supported by funding from the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development .

Naturschutzzentrum Obere Donau



Lautlose Jäger der Nacht - mit Eulen auf Du und Du

Themenschwerpunkt 2017


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